Why is everyone else having fun?

Well at least it seems that way.  I’m either at work, or at school or working on something for work or school.  I am tired.  This time of year never used to bother me, but last year was one of the worst for me in terms of anxiety and depression.  And now this year it’s starting again, and it worries me.

I am doing my best to stay active.  I am trying something new, to get up early to do some sort of activity, even if it’s only 20 minutes of yoga.  Because I get done work at 5, and if I don’t have a class I just want to come home and curl up in a ball. Which means most of the time I don’t work out at all.  So I have been searching online about working out in the morning; make it a daily habit, takes 30 days consistently to make a habit, start with shorter workouts, alternate different types of activity.  I’ll give it a try, because I know if I can stay active that will help with how I feel emotionally.

And I need to plan regular, fun stuff.  Life can get pretty depressing if all you do is work.  One weekend hanging out with friends can really boost my mood.  But sometimes, just making the effort to do fun stuff seems almost insurmountable. (big sigh here)

Progress so far on the 30 day habit!  Monday was day one, did yoga for 30 minutes.  This morning, woke at 3 am thanks to the cat, was awake for almost 2 hours, ended up sleeping in too late to do anything before work. Ok, so I’m at 50% so far, that’s a passing grade!  Ha!  Day three tomorrow… or is it day one again since I wasn’t consistent??


Where’d my Mojo go?

I am terribly UNmotivated lately.  Last night I ran a local 8k race with my fav running buddy.  Problem was neither of us really trained for it.  Well, it was a problem and a blessing that neither of us trained because we both felt the same, sluggish as hell with heavy-leg syndrome.  You know, when your legs feel like tree stumps? But we got it done and enjoyed some refreshing beverages afterwards. J

That brings me back to my opening though.  I’m not entirely sure what is going on with me lately but I don’t feel like running, biking, walking… not even yoga. I am still trying to do something 4 times a week but ½ hour is most I can muster and I have to really coach myself to do it.  I know I will feel better when I do it, but sometimes that’s not enough to get my butt out the door.  I was reading an article about starting to run in the early morning.  I contemplated it because I am just pooped when I get home from work and wondered if that was leading to my lack of motivation.  But I am also not a morning person.  Can I change from being a night person to being a morning person??  Is that possible?

I also wanted to start lifting again, and had planned to start back up last month.  I did more weight training in my 20s, before I had started karate and before I started running but those last two things took over and I felt I had no time left.  Then I lost interest in karate, and started doing more cycling.  Perhaps if I start the weights again the new activity will renew my excitement about working out.  I don’t want to be someone that works out just because it’s good for me, I want to enjoy it.  I have seen far too many people stop working out because they began to hate it, unfortunately because they didn’t see the quick weight loss results they had hoped for.

I’m hoping this slump doesn’t last long.  I know it is a slump, I have been working out long enough to recognize it now.  The last one was 6 months!!  Fingers crossed this one is much shorter.