I like to think of myself as a ‘dieter in recovery’. I went on my first diet before I even started high school, which sadly is not unheard of nowadays. I told my Mom for my birthday I wanted to go to the Diet Center, which was similar to Jenny Craig now. I did not want to start high school FAT! I had been picked on and tormented enough in elementary school. So I endured the crazy, restrictive food plan and the weekly weigh-ins. But I also learned that I liked the attention when someone noticed I lost weight.
By the end of high school I had descended into scary territory, disordered body image, starving myself, experimenting with laxatives. I began to get negative attention from loved ones when my weight got too low. In my early 20s I did get some help, but the dieting continued… for YEARS! I told myself I was being healthy, taking care of myself.
I am now 40+ and I am no longer willing to count calories, or the dreaded points. I don’t want to think about how many points are in my favourite recipes or how long I have to run to burn off three cookies.
I want to eat, run, bike, do yoga, sleep and just live without thinking about how any of those things will affect my weight!


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