Still NOT dieting

I eat what I want, when I want.  I admit for over a year, I didn’t make the healthiest food choices.  And I gained 27 pounds.  Some people may find that unbearable.  But for me, facing another failed diet was unbearable to me.  Just could not do it anymore.  The calorie counting, point counting, tracking, weighing, measuring, fretting over a one pound gain, and crying because those new pants I bought last month are now too tight!!

Now I have freedom from all that nonsense.  My doctor wasn’t impressed by my weight gain, but when I explained to her that I have spent most of my life with disordered eating patterns she let go of the diet advice.  I asked her once directly how could I successfully lose weight and keep it off for good.  She mentioned something about the Mediterranean diet but was not able to offer any evidence that it works in the long term.

My weight has been very stable the last couple years and only fluctuates a pound or two. I’m currently forced into inactivity due to my accident and I’m not panicked like I used to about potential weight gain.

My eating habits are improved now, but I focus on nutrition AND taste.  I am NEVER eating kale, and please don’t tell me how great it is in smoothie, I can taste it in there… BLECH!

I am proof there is life after dieting. For me it took a long time to transition from a dieter to a non-dieter.  But I am also in my 40s and went on my first diet as a child.  If someone wants to diet, I would never discourage them because it’s none of my business.  But likewise, I wish people would cease with dispensing the diet advice.  The no-sugar thing seems to be the trend of the month.  I like sugar, I’m gonna keep eating it.  If dieting taught me one thing, the moment I restrict myself from eating something then that’s all I want.

Now excuse me while I go eat a pop tart.


3 thoughts on “Still NOT dieting

  1. Well said! My first diet was my mother’s idea. I was a teenager (can’t remember how old) and part of it included cottage cheese and crackers for lunch. I hated cottage cheese then and I still hate it now. At the time, I would take it into my bedroom to eat it. I did that for 2 reasons: Firstly, who wants to eat cottage cheese and crackers whenever everybody else is eating normal stuff? (Never mind the embarrassment of being so obviously singled out why doing so.) And secondly, I would only ever eat the crackers and throw the cottage cheese in the garbage in my bedroom. I must have been fastidious about being sure to throw it in the main trash in the kitchen because I don’t recall any rotting repercussions from having forgotten to do so. I don’t remember how long it lasted. But it was horrible. Anyhoooo…. good on you for getting off that train!

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