Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck

I know a number of people that make resolutions each new year, and usually they fail to keep those resolutions.  I’m not certain when that tradition started, but it drives me nuts every year.  Specifically the number of advertisements that pop up for weight loss crap, whether it’s a cereal product or piece of exercise equipment.  I saw at least a dozen today while trying to watch football.  Each commercial proposed in some way that this can be a new you!  a fresh start!

I think the reason resolutions fail is that people believe proclaiming they are going to start on January 1st, that magically because of the date they will be successful.  And usually this means there’s no plan.  I don’t care what the resolution is, if there’s no plan, there’s rarely success.

My own struggle to work out in the morning is a perfect example of not having a good plan At first, I just told myself I’d work out in the morning.  But I didn’t change how I organized my mornings, I just set my alarm earlier.  Fail.  I didn’t plan what I was going to do specifically, I’d wait until the morning to see what I felt like doing. Fail.  Of course I know better.  Anytime in the past I had a plan I completed the goal that I set out to do. For example, having a schedule to train for a half marathon was crucial. My goal has shifted to schedule activity in every day, sometimes that means doing it in the morning but not always.  I am planning to do a race in the spring, and I am scheduling those runs in.  I have started strength training sessions with a good friend and her personal trainer (more about that soon). Those sessions are planned ahead of time on a regular basis, and it makes it easier to stick to when I know someone is expecting me there.

Resolutions suck because there’s no magic in January 1st.  It also sucks because I’ve seen people really enthusiastic at the start of the New Year, and then they are beating themselves up by end of February because they didn’t stick to that diet, exercise, not smoking, whatever.  They would be far more successful if they had made a solid plan, and if they strayed from the plan they could just pick right back up from where they strayed off. It doesn’t have to be perfection vs. failure. And the day you start is not that important.


One thought on “Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck

  1. The resolutions are fine! Its just a goal! The problem is the person stating something that he or she knows they will never do! #Thetrainer

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