Morning workouts, STILL a work in progress

I’m still working on working out in the morning.  So far I’m managing only two or three mornings a week.  However, I did have a cyst develop in my foot and that affected a lot of what I could do.  And then I got sick. 😦  One round of antibiotics later and I seem to be on the mend again! Although I am not a morning person, I am going to keep trying.  I can not deny that I feel AWESOME all day when I do yoga or get on my treadmill in the morning.  I feel all shiny and refreshed all day.  It also feels good when I get home from work knowing that I can make dinner and then just relax.

I’m giving up my gym membership.  The gym and classes are just not for me anymore.  I have had enough negative experiences at the gym now that I rarely feel like going.  I have received unsolicited advice, usually from people that seem to assume from my appearance that I’m new to working out, and it’s a waste of my time and energy to try to explain to them otherwise.  I have also ended up beside people that smelled like they bathed in perfume, and one guy that frequently gets on a bike near me in spin class that always smells like tuna! gross!  And now that cold and flu season is starting, there are people that go to the gym and proceed to cough all over the place.  I realize it may help some people recover faster from a cold if they go workout, but I’m a germaphobe and this just freaks me out.

Tomorrow I’m going to try a workout with a personal trainer that I know.  Working out with her in a small group with other women I know at a friend’s house.  I do enjoy the social aspect of working out with others and this arrangement will be much more comfortable than the gym.  If I enjoy it, I may make it a regular part of my week.  And I have always found the expense of trainer (a good one) is well worth it if you can afford it.  It gives me someone else to be accountable to, and the extra encouragement when I don’t think I’m progressing fast enough is always great.  But we do call her Tara the terrible, because she in no way takes it easy on us.  I’d better get to bed early, I’m gonna need the rest!


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