Morning workout update

So far… not so good.  Am I the only one that sets goals and then immediately something comes up to derail my efforts?  At least it seems that way sometimes, guess I’m just feeling a bit pessimistic right now.

I am still convinced that if I can manage to work out in the mornings, I will be more successful at being consistent with my workouts.  First week, I managed three morning workouts.  I did yoga each time, and I felt so good at work each day I did!  I had more energy and generally felt happier all day.  However, I was not able to be consistent each day.  One night I didn’t sleep at all, so just getting to work was huge for me.  Also, I was not able to run at all because of this suspicious cyst that has developed in my right foot. WTF??  This is what I mean by setting goals and having a derailment.  I have dealt with all kinds of running injuries which is exactly why I am being very cautious getting back into regular running, lots of walk breaks, slow speed.  And then this lump shows up in my foot. Good grief!

This week, Mr. B and I are on vacation and getting lots done around the house. In other words, I haven’t had time to stick with the morning workouts, my routine is completely out of whack!  I ran once, and the lump seems to be subsiding after a laser treatment from my massage therapist last Saturday.  Hopefully (fingers crossed, hard to do when typing – ha!) this will mean I can get back on track for my running goals for the coming year!


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