Back in the Saddle

This post is hopefully a return to regular posting on this blog. I have neglected it for several reasons.  First of all, I felt like I wasn’t able.  Last fall my health was on a downward spiral, and I needed a lot of energy just to take care of myself.  Secondly, I was not doing much running or any sort of activity and that’s what I wanted my blog to be about!

I have finally returned to some form of regular exercise.  For several months I was unable to stick with anything.  I was mentally and physically exhausted.   My family doctor told me that the vigorous exercise might not be helpful with the anxiety I was experiencing.  She said sometimes the high release of adrenaline can actually make anxiety worse in some people.  She encouraged me to scale it back for a month or so, walking, yoga, some form gentle activity.  And of course being the over achiever I opted to do nothing for months. Not exactly what the doctor ordered.

I attempted to get back into running in the spring because I really missed it.  I had been running consistently since 2006 so it was really a big part of my life.  It was so tough getting back into it; my cardio was crap, my legs felt like lead.  I was a beginner all over again and I felt so frustrated and discouraged.  I was pushing myself and was not enjoying it.  Then I ended up with the flu and I took another month or so off.

I stopped making running a priority and decided to try to get back into cycling, it was also tough but I saw improvements fairly quickly and I was in a better place mentally and I was able to stick with it.  The weather this summer wasn’t great, but if I couldn’t ride outside then I’d go to Spin class at the gym.  I had a goal, my husband and I would ride in the MS Bike Tour in Niagara.  It was a great goal for me to work towards; 75km was not overly ambitious.  I actually felt really good until the 60km checkpoint, and the only thing that bothered me was my butt!

Now I’m back at building my running again and doing more strength training, but all gradually and without forcing it.

It feels good to be active again, and with the focus on fitness instead of fat loss it feels much more rewarding.


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