Diet Anxiety

I bought a new book online.  I was telling myself that it’s just a cook book type thing, not a diet book.  The title is the Undiet, so clearly it’s not a diet.

I sat down with my new book today because I’m home sick with a cold-mother nature combo and thought it was a good time to take a look at it.

I actually started feeling very anxious while reading it.  Another book telling me what to eat and what NOT to eat.  First of all, it has really good information about healthy eating and I think for a lot of people it would be a very good book to read.  However, for me right now it was exactly what I did not need.  I found myself in the kitchen looking for chocolate, licorice, whatever I could find.  Its too soon for me to be looking at something like this, and I need to sit with the intuitive eating on its own for a while.  The moment I start thinking about what I should be eating, it brings back all the internal dieter’s thoughts.  I was reading along thinking, when I would start eating this way, and when I would start eliminating the non-negotiable foods that she mentioned. (NO!  Not my veggie hot dogs!!)  Even though there is no calorie counting involved, it felt like reading a diet book complete with meal plan ideas, etc.  And planning the meals for the week.  I think the planning could work for some people, but how do I know on Wednesday night what I’m going to feel like eating on Sunday night?  Not very intuitive.

For now, the book goes on the shelf or perhaps loaned out to a friend that needs to follow gluten-free.  And next time I’ll take a moment to think about why I’m buying a book, before I hit purchase.


One thought on “Diet Anxiety

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