To track or not to track?

I’ve already given up tracking my food. I think I should stop tracking my runs too. I know I need to run so much mileage to be able to get to my end goal, which my current one is the Mississauga half-marathon on May 5th. But I am becoming increasingly aware of how much energy I’m spending worrying that I’m not running far enough, fast enough. If I only feel like running 3km, I feel like I’m just wasting my time. I am going to continue to follow my schedule for the race, but after the race I think it might be healthier to exercise intuitively. I am focusing on eating this way, and feeling much better.
The first month I felt like I was eating a tad crazy, because there were so many things I was previously restricting and had labeled BAD FOOD. Then I made the decision to quit tracking my food and gave myself permission to eat whatever the heck I felt like eating and WOW did I ever! The crazy binge-type eating seems to have tapered off this last week, and I am much more relaxed. I might be up a few pounds, which I would not have known if I had got rid of my scale. That’s going to be hard for me to do because I am still working on the anxious thoughts of “but what if I keep eating and get really fat?”

I continued with weightwatchers for 6 months without a significant change in my weight, so I think trying intuitive eating for at least as long is doable. Who knows, maybe the rest of my life?

One day at a time.


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